Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't ask Chaffetz if he's a bigot... He won't tell you.

"The only reason they would be doing that is for pure political points. I don't think that is the way you run your military. It sends the wrong signal." -Jason Chaffetz

If the incumbent congressman Jason Chaffetz spent less time fine tuning his gaydar and more time focussing on issues that actually mattered, I wouldn't be challenging him for his seat in Congress. Jason has a proven track record of embracing institutionalized bigotry against homosexuals. He's been pissing his pants over the citizens of the District of Columbia who dared decide for themselves to recognize same-sex marriage since he was elected to represent them... No, wait a minute. That's not right. Chaffetz WASN'T elected to represent the District of Columbia, he was elected to represent Utah's District 3. So why would he stick his nose in the bedrooms of people that he DOESN'T represent? Oh yeah, because he's a self-righteous bigot.

Now Chaffetz is pretending to know how to run the military. This from a guy who never had the balls to wear the uniform of the U.S. military to begin with.

Speaking as a veteran of the U.S. Navy for five years, I have an insight into the military that Chaffetz lacks. What it all boils down to is this:

Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are trained to follow orders. Trust me, the solution to allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military is as simple as issuing the following order: "Homosexuals may serve openly in the military and it is up to the rest of the men and women in uniform to keep doing their jobs regardless."

You'd be surprised how effectively that works... that is if you didn't already look into how allowing homosexuals to serve in the military worked out in other countries, like the U.K., France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Demark, Spain, Germany, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Austria... the list goes on.

We don't need to "study the issue" because all these other countries have allowed homosexuals to serve, studied the impact of that service and have come to the same conclusion. It doesn't matter.

Ours is a professional military and professionalism means being able to work with anybody regardless of their politics, religion, gender or even their sexual orientation. The fact that Jason Chaffetz doesn't recognize this is testament to his ignorance and lack of respect for our men and women in uniform--some of which are forced to lie about who they are because bigots like Jason Chaffetz are too self-righteous to embrace the American value that all men are created equal. In Chaffetz mind, some are obviously more equal than others. Namely wealthy heterosexual Republicans.

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